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UPDATE 2020-06-13T00:00:00Z

I installed my system on Nov 2019.

So far, I am pretty happy with my system and would strongly recommend the company Solar2020 whom installed my system.

  • My system is a 6.66 kw
  • Panels are LG Neon R - 370 w per panel that comes with 25 yrs product and performance warranty. So I have 18 panels on my roof. I split half the panels on my North facing roof and the other half on my West facing roof.
  • Inverter installed is a Fronius Symo 5 kw unit Think it comes with a 5 yrs warranty
  • Total system cost $12,990.00 ($2 per watt)
  • STC rebate $4015.00

My electrical retail is Synergy
They charge me 26.2026 cents per unit
My feed in tariffs at 7.135 cents per unit.
So far only had 2 bills since I installed the system, so it’s hard to say how long before the payback to be effective.
Compare the 2 bills with last year 2019 same time
In Feb I had a credit of $25.00 and that would have saved $350.
In Apr I had a charges of $50.00 and that would have saved $290.00

In the near future, if the storage batteries cost to drop below $5,000 will definitely install at least a 10 kw batteries and panel system.
As my home have a 3 phase and I was told I can boost my panels power as there is enough roof space.

I have 2 quote for installing solar on my roof and just checking if the price is right.
I have a 3 phase connected to my home and colorbond roof.
First system
-22 panels - 6.6 kW
-Canadian Solar, Kupower 35mm 300W solar Pv panel
-SolarEdge inverter SE5K-E 5KW three phase inverter
-SolarEdge power optimizer P300
-After my rebate of $3597.00 from Stc system cost $6250
Second system
-19 panels- 6.65 kW
-LG Neon 2 350W solar PV panels
-SolarEdge inverter HDW 5000HSP 5KW single phase
-SolarEdge power optimizer P370 for 60 cell module, P370-5RM4MRM
-Service charge for SolarEdge promo upgrade
-After my rebate off $3597.00 from Stc system cost 9250 Lastly quote for Battery Tesla powerwall 2 daily cycle 13.5KWH AC Part number 109217-03-A Tesla powerwall gateway 2 Cost 14000.00
Thank you

Hi Toby

I am quoting Marty’s message to others. Please give us more information.


What city are you in? Can you please give us an idea of your daily electricity usage in winter and summer (in kWh, you should find it on your electricity bill). Also, is everything electric, or do you have gas hot water, or heating?



Hi Ivan,
I am base in Perth, my monthly charges about $300 range, My home face South and will have plenty of roof space.
I have a pool at the back and gas water heater. I have 4 adults including myself.
Also informed them I am looking to get heat pumps for my hot water and another for my pool.
Don’t mind paying a bit more for better quality panels and inverter, and after monitoring my usage if the needs required will add storage batteries.
Was told due to restrictions from the grid I can only have up to 6 KW panels. Wanted to see is it practical to increase the power on the panels
Thank you

Morning Ivan,
I was at work so can’t check my usage.
From April to October the low of 1076 units to the high of 1766 units
December the lowest only 1 member in so 598 units
February to Aug this year the low of 893 to the high of 1730 units
Hope this is what you are asking for
Thank you

Hi @Toby.lau308

They both look like pretty good systems, and reasonably pricing. Have you checked that the installer has good reviews? Making sure the company is top quality is most important.

Other than that I guess it’s a tough decision about whether you spend ~$3k more on LG panels. They are really good panels, if it’s within your budget we highly recommend LG.

If your mainly focused on financial payback, I wouldn’t consider the Powerwall.

Hope that help!

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Hi Marty,
Thank you for the feedback, The installer is from Bradford Energy.
Just received another quote from Evergen,
A 8.45kw system using Sunpower SPR-P19-325 panels 22 total
2 SMA inverter 5 and 2.5kw cost $13,713 before rebates (waiting for their reply on the rebate)
And to add powerwall 2 a 14 kw battery cost $26,353 before rebate
What are your thoughts for this quote?
Thank you