Western Sydney best value solar - FoxESS inverter

I have received two quotes and I am looking for feedback regarding the quality and pricing of these quotes. Are the systems OK or should I consider an upgrade or either the panels or the inverter or both.

The First One:
Panels: 18 x 370W Znshine Mono-crystalline Tier 1 Panels (14+4 free)
Inverter: 1 x 5 kW Foxess, Growatt Single-phase Wi-Fi inverter
Price: $2451
Price Covers:
· 18 Tier-1 Panel (370 Watts)
· 1-Phase Smart Wi-FI Inverter
· Wi-Fi Monitoring Kit
· Installation
· Meter Documentations
· 1 Phase Application to Distributor
· Distance
· 25 Yrs. Performance warranty on Panels (Highest warranty on the panels)
· 15 Yrs. Product warranty on Panels
· 12 Yrs. Product Warranty on Foxess Inverter (Highest warranty on the Inverter )
· 10 Yrs. Workmanship Warranty on Installation

The Second one:
Panels: (14+4) x 370W Risen Tier 1 Mono Split Half-Cell PERC Technology
Inverter: 1 x 5 kW Solis Single-phase Wi-Fi inverter
Price: $3350
Local Australian on-site warranties:
25 years Panel Performance Warranty
15 years Product Warranty
10 years Inverter Warranty

Hi @Jfer

Nine if these products are in our top panel or inverter articles. They are all pretty low cost options.

FoxESS is new to the Australia market, so we don’t know much about that one, but here’s a short review from a very well respected solar guru, Glen Morris:

Maybe take a look at these articles for best low cost products in our view: