SunBoost Solar

I have a quote from sunboost. Trina 330w panels and 5k Dungeon smart inverter. Quote come in under 4k. Experts warn low quotes you should stay away from but my research indicates that the panels and inverter whilst top of the range are good quality. So is it Sunboost installation and warrant I should be concerned about?

Hi @JaneMc

I won’t make any comments about specific solar companies that sell cheap systems, there is enough information on the web already. I would just implore you to check reviews of any company you get quotes from. I just did a quick Google Search and the results wouldn’t fill me personally with confidence.

5k Dungeon smart inverter

Are you sure you have the name of this inverter correct? I have never heard of it, and I couldn’t imagine any marketing company thinking that name would be a good idea!

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