Sunboost solar quote

Looking for all round best quote. After STCs and State rebate.

From 3P Solar (Sunboost) 6.6kw system 20 X 330w Astonergy latest split type panels.
Fronius 5Kw Primo Inverter
Total out of pocket $3,300

From B-Solar 6.6Kw system 22 X 300w Canadian panels
ABB 5Kw Inverter
Total out of pocket $2580

Same                                Same with Huawei                              $2260

I’d get the Fronius inverter with the Canadian panels if possible. Both quotes are very cheap so I’d check up on the installation company.

Did any of these companies do a site visit? I’d recommend you get another quote and request one of the top 5 solar panels if you can afford it. Depending on your location it’s always worth going with a local solar installer as well.

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