Solaria vs Panasonic solar panels | Norfolk, MA

I live in norfolk, MA, US and am looking to install solar panels. I use an average of 450kWh/month and am going for about 6kW installed capacity. I got two quotes through energysage. They are:

  1. Cost/watt $3.18

Watts per panel- 365

Panel manufacturer - SolariaPanel model-PowerXT-365R-AC PowerXT

Number of panels 15

Inverter manufacturer- Enphase EnergyInverter model- IQ7-60-x-ACM-US-240

  1. Cost/watt $2.93

Panel manufacturer - Panasonic Solar PanelsPanel model- VBHN340SA17 HIT+

Number of panels 18

Inverter manufacturer- Enphase EnergyInverter model- IQ7X-96-x-US-240

In my naive assessment, the option 1 uses higher cost panel (better looks-all black and sleek) compared to Option 2. At the current rates, $3.18/watt is 8.5% higher than 2.93/watt whereas the cost of the panel at current prices is ~$520 vs ~$360.

It would seem that the Option 1 labor cost is lower than Option 2 and therefore Option 1 is preferable.

What does everyone else think?

I think your logic is sound. The other advantage is that the Enphase inverter is built into the Solaria panel, they would have been tested together, which is a good thing.

However, the products are only 50% of your battle, you’ll also need to do your research on the companies and ensure option 1 is reputable. Who are the companies that you are getting quotes from? I have been in touch with RevoluSun in MA recently and notice they seem to get good reviews, and be a reputable company.