Solarhub Melbourne Solar Installer

I’d appreciate some help with these 2 quotes i received for rooftop solar in melbourne, Australia.

Solarhub: 18 x Solaredge Smart 300w + SE Energy Monitor 1P
Total $10,405

Ekoenergy: 20 x JA Solar 275w with Solaredge optimisers
Total $12,789

Both use Solaredge inverters.
The output isn’t much different but there’s quite a big difference in price.

I’m leaning towards a complete Solaredge system because the panels have built in optimisers so I assume it is likely to be more integrated and streamlined.
The JA Solar panel system will require retrofitting of optimisers. Are there benefits to this?
Does it justify the price differential?

Any thoughts on the best option here?

Thanks a lot

Hi @russol

Probably much of a muchness in terms of products. I would seek a third quote, they are both probably on the higher than average side.

Having said that, as I’ve said many times, getting a great solar company to work with is very valuable. I’m not sure about Solarhub, but I am very familiar with Eko. Their CEO is an upstanding citizen, and has been in solar and energy efficiency since 2007, actually played a big role in kicking off solar in earnest in Australia.

Good luck!

See our Solar Power Melbourne page:

thanks a lot, marty.

Based just on the products offered and price I’d go with the solaredge package. Solaredge panels with integrated optimisers are on par with JA solar panels and in this case it’s a more competitive price (but not what I would consider cheap)

However if you were in a tropical climate in far north Australia I wouldn’t go with the solaredge integrated optimisers as they have a much higher recorded failure rate in high humidity.


Thanks Jason.
Ive gone with the solaredge package. Solarhub seem very easy to deal with.