SolarEdge. Can they work with 2.4kw Pylontech batteries?


My installer is telling me that we have to use a 7kw LG battery on an 8 x 300w (2.4kw) system, as this is what he has been advised by SolarEdge. However, I know for a fact that there are companies that are connecting 8 panel solaredge systems to the 2.4kw batteries.

Who is right??

I don’t want to end up spending more than I need to for a battery that is oversized.

Hi Dan

Can I ask first why you are wanting to get a battery with this system? It’s quite a small system to get storage for.

The reason you are being told this is due to the voltage I believe. LG does a 3.3kWh low voltage battery (48V) and a higher voltage range of batteries (400V) starting at 7kWh. Jason wrote about it here:

Basically the smaller battery is indeed incompatible with the SolarEdge inverter. You could use the smaller battery, but you’d need a different setup. @Svarky will be able to answer more thoroughly.


Hi Marty, thanks for taking the time to answer.

It’s a small system due to limited space on the roof. If the small battery is incompatible with the solar edge inverter, I guess the next question is, can we use a different inverter?

In the meantime I’ve come across a different solution that is to use a SoFar ME3000sp to charge the battery instead. Any thoughts or experience with this product?

Hi Dan,

The solaredge Storedge inverter is only compatible with the higher voltage LG batteries. Pylontech do not make a compatible HV battery but it is possible to couple other battery types (48V) using a separate AC coupled inverter like the TrinaBESS AC or SMA SBS.

See specs below…

Why not add a dc/dc converter between the battery and the storedge. LG highvoltage also include a dc/dc converter to change voltage from 170 to 400 vdc