Solar combination


I am getting mixed information regarding quotes for Solars panels etc.

Can you tell me if this configeration is suitable?
6.6kw lg panels
SolarEdge 5000w inverter
Plus mico inverts (because we get some shading),
Lg chen resu10H battery

I have quotes telling me i need a 10000w inverter and also telling me that i can cant have a 10kw battery that i can only have a smaller one.

Hi @Carolgrgic

Can I start with what is your reason for wanting a battery?

Whether that is a suitable design depends on your electricity usage and when you use it. If you use all of your solar energy as you produce it, you won’t have any leftover to charge your battery. Has the quoting company gone through this design process with you?


Hi Marty

The reason we would like a battery is because we are not home during the day to utilise the solar power to its maximum potential. We live on 5 acres which is irrigated and have a number of pumps to supply our home with water (on rain water) and also water troughs. Our power bill is huge in summer (around about the $1k mark).

I am over paying large electricity bills and would rather put that sort of money into solar.

Is it true that the government will in the near future subsidies batteries?



I understand that completely. But it may be better for you financially to put the money you would otherwise spend on a battery into a larger solar system.

It’s hard to know without more details on how much electricity you use and when.