System with batteries, PV and grid

I would like some advice.
I would like to build a inverter plus battery system, later on extended with some PV panels (as much as my small roof can handle),
The primary problem to solve is that I have electric appliances in total rated far more than my grid connection. I believe I need about 10kW of power from the inverter, running on battery plus grid.
This is just for shorter periods of cooking etc. In the time between I expect the inverter to recharge the batteries from the grid while still supplying power to my house (of course). The available grid power i 6.9kW. And everything is monphase 240V 60Hz.
My loads include induction stove, oven, lightning etc plus heat pumps for heating, cooling and dehumidification. I expect the heatpumps to be much less than my stove+oven, which is a little more than 10kW.

Any recommendations for brands and models for the inverter? Batterys?


Hi @boater

Where abouts are you situated? I would have thought paying to upgrade your grid connection would make more sense than a battery solution? Is that an option?


Hi Marty;

Thanks for your interest.

Yes of course, I could increase the maximum power level, but it comes at a cost that is not negligible.
And the long plan is to have a home using as much pc panels as possible. Combined with batteries and grid when the panels are not enough.
I do not plan to deliver to the grid though.

We are in the phase of moving in, w want to get rid of the gas appliances and instead go electric (do not like gas) with heating/cooling though heat pump(s) as the hot water. Stove and oven too. I thing the Stove and Oven set the max need of power, and the heat pumps sets the amount of energy more or less :slight_smile:

The stove is 7.4 kW and I guess (haven’t checked) sthe oven is at 2-3 kW, so max power would be around 10 kW .

When the roof is ready, we will mount the pv-panels. until the we would like to go with the inverter and battery.

BEst regards/Sten

@boater there are several inverters which have the capability to combine grid supply and battery to boost total power to meet high demand. These are generally used for more powerful off-grid and hybrid solar systems and are often referred to as inverter/chargers or grid-interactive inverters.

The most well known inverter/chargers in Australia are the Selectronic SP PRO and Victron Quattro. These both have a high pass-through-power ratings with a combined output of 15kW.