Solar system financing costs

I am confused want is the best combination
Solis nverter 5kw with Canadian solar panel csi cs3k 300p up front cost $132

Solis withrisen 120 6 300 m $500upfront

Canadian panels with growartt inverter 0$ upfront

Saj inverter with shine panels 0 upfront

What would be the best combination ie warranty and hassle free

Also has anyone heard of sun line energy

That does look confusing @Symphony.

I take it you are looking at getting financing with all of these systems. The best way to compare is to look at the total outlay that you will spend once you paid off the systems. My understanding is that the companies legally need to show you this somewhere. Find out how much these systems will actually cost you all up, once you paid them off - $0 is clearly not what you will spend.

Regarding the best products, checkout