SAJ Sununo inverter

Hi, being new to solar and to this Review site I would like if someone share their thoughts about solar quote I received from a solar installer.

System Details.

System size 1

6.6 kWDC (STC)

Solar panel:

22 × 300W Canadian Solar KuPower - CS3K-300P


1 × SAJ Sununo Plus 5K-M · 5000 W

System total costs $5610 excluding Victorian discounts and free interest loan.
I only have to pay $1200 out of pocket

Hi @3ripleM

I haven’t heard of SAJ inverter actually, so I wouldn’t be inclined to recommend them. Safest if you choose from one of the brands on our list here

I would also recommend getting another couple of quotes to compare. Have you looked at the reviews of this solar company?