Solar Standards manual

I am looking to put all the pieces of a home solar system together and hopefully do it right the first time.
A best practices manual for solar systems??

Hi @Solarguy

I have a couple initials questions.
Are you an electrician?
What country/state are you in?
When you say “home solar system”, is this to power your whole home, off-grid? Or grid connected.

Whether off-grid or on-grid, installing a solar systems for your home is not a DIY proposition.

I’ll point you to the Australian Clean Energy Council guidelines, which are the best practice guide, but these are for experienced electricians:


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Hello Marty ,

I ahave been in the wiring industry for 30 years, I an in the US and we use NEC and NECA standards.

I would like to see solar standards for all.

Hi Brian

Those are the standards that we use in Australia, although they are quite specific to Australia and New Zealand. I’m afraid I can’t direct you to ones you use in the States. Perhaps @Ekelly234 knows?


I don’t see any answers to Marty’s questions explaining your system
We are installers in VA