Self Study of Solar PV Energy

hi all,

i am new to solar PV energy, and wanna do some self study. would you all recommend some useful online free resources. thanks.

Hi Ady, when you say self study, are you studying to purchase a solar system or for another reason? Please give a bit more details about why you are interested in PV and we should be able to direct you.


i am planning to shift my career path to solar energy industry, but do not have much knowledge about it, so wanna do some self study to equip myself… my background is mechanical.

Excellent Ady, it’s a great industry to work in.

There are lots of very useful articles on CER blog, see here

What country and area do you live in? How I got into the industry was simply by starting working in admin for a solar company. There is a lot to learn, but you can make a great career in solar and renewables, either from a technical or non-technical position.

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Hi Ady
You could buy good solar Training Books from GSES on line ,
They also run courses in other country like India
Cheers Esmail