40kW Sunpower & ABB 3 phase - Sri Lanka

Hi Marty,

I am looking to study about solar PV Energy since going to install 40KW system on my roof. Would you kindly recommend any meterial, blog or anything me to enhance knowledge about this.

Thanks you

Hi Prabhath,

That is quite a big system, what city/ area do you live in? Have you already got an electrician lined up to do the installation?

This article is a good place to start How solar power works - on-grid, off-grid and hybrid systems — Clean Energy Reviews.

Hi Marty,

Thanks you the given article and it was quite informative and also was great. And to mention about my location is Sri Lanka (South Asian Country), area called Embilipitiya (Latitude: 6° 20’ 22.80" N ,Longitude: 80° 50’ 33.59" E) where you get quite a lots of sun light which can expect a better yield. And I have a plan to go with Sunpower panels with ABB 3 phase inverter and I have almost selected a electrician. Please kindly share your valuable thought if you have anything to make success this project. Because the project is not yet started most probably it will take another two months time. So these days I do fact finding on this.

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Hi Prabhath

I’m very interested in your project. Are there a lot of solar projects in your town? What is the main reason that you are putting solar on your roof, is it to save cost of electricity, or for more reliable power? Will it be connected to the electricity grid, and do you get paid for the electricity that you export to the grid? Are you considering adding battery storage to the system? Where will you be sourcing the products from, is there a wholesaler that sells these products near you?


Hi Marty,
I is quite a happy news to hear me that you are being interested about this project. And there a very few projects by now since these technologies are newer thing for them. But when people like me started to doing those and could prove them about benefits that can get, they would follow us. As my vendors mentioned, solar companies have noted this area and quite interested to start projects.

And if I am explaining about this further, the system will be connected to the grid full time basis so yield would not be stored in battery banks but electricity company will pay us according to the number of units that system could generated during the given month. In addition to this, since I am not living in that area now but some closer to the capital, then it is easier me to find solar companies. By now there were 4 companies visited to inspect this project and have quoted with their products. So, out of those I was interested in Sunpower and ABB products after studying though blogs and other related website. Apart to these information, if you like to know anything else about this job please do not be hesitated to ask.


Hi Prabhath

It is great to hear that solar is going strong in Sri Lanka, and the power companies are paying for the electricity. It sounds like you have researched well and know what you are doing. Please let us know if you have any specific questions closer to the time. We would love if you could post some photos to show us the installation, during and after if possible.

All the best with the install.


Hi Prabhath, have you started the installation of your solar system yet?

Hi Prabhath,

Hope you have checked the possibility of installing a 40kW system on your rooftop especially if it is a house,
Pls check your connection type and check from the earmarked vendor whether you qualify for the capacity you intend installing.

Hi @kishanw

Thanks for posting. Do you work in solar in Sri Lanka? Or have you got a system installed there?


Hi Marty,

Yes, I have been in the solar field for 15+ years, starting way back when Sri Lanka was doing off-grid systems.

Yes, I am still in the solar field now engaged mainly with grid-tied systems.


Great, good to have your knowledge on the forum.