ABB vs Sungrow inverter comparison

I got 2 quotes for solar systems:
+20×330w Q-cell with ABB inverter for $5450
+20×330w trina with Sungrow inverter for $3900
Which one is good deal?
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Hi PhuongVinh,
Which states are you in and which companies have provided the quote,
they are reasonable cheap.

I’m in NSW. Also have a new quote:
13.2kw system with 40×330w Q-cells G5+ and 2×5kw- SE5K &40×P370 power optimizers SolarEdge inverter for $12000. Is this a good price? This quote from Your Green Planet

Hi Phuong

ABB (now FIMER) and Sungrow are both really good inverter options, and in our top 5. I would be happy with either inverter on my roof, but given the UNO brand has recently moved from ABB to a new company FIMER, perhaps Sungrow is a more stable option? See our reviews below:

They are very different quotes, obviously the last one being twice the size of the first two. What are you hoping to achieve with solar? You want to produce as much power as you consume? Or fastest payback? Or something else.

Hi Marty
Thanks for your opinion. My house is 3 phase so I just want max the system by install once. The report from the quote show that the time to payback for this is about within 3 years. Is this the right price? I intend to ask the installer if I can swap to REC alpha 330w panel which is it review better than Q-cells. What do you reckon?
Thank you

I live in Melbourne, the average price for 5KW is $5k,
I got a quote for 5kw system, 330w RIsen Panel and Sungrow Inverter for $4650k before Government Rebate from MyEnergy (Head office in Sydney).
the price in Melbourne could be different to Sydney, hope it helps to justify the price


Q cells make very good solar panels. Which model were you quoted? was it the Q.peak DUO G5+ or another model. REC Alpha panels are better but they will also cost about 25% more.

How much is your average electricity bill?

Yes it’s Duo G5+
My last bill is $680
Do you think it is good price for this quote?