Solar Power Caulfield VIC | Fronius vs Sungrow

Got a couple of quotes, same retailer (Spacen Solar) only difference is inverter
-post code 3162

  • single story
  • Tiled roof
  • 6.51kw
  • 21 x 310W Trina Honey M panels
  • 14-15 panels North facing, 6-7 panels west facing
  • Single phase metering
  • 5kw Sungrow Inverter or 5kw Fronius Primo 5.0
    Price after STC is $4950 for Sungrow Inverter or $5950 for Fronius (before vic rebates)
    Firstly what are people’s thoughts overall is this good value, noticed this is around the middle of the calculator, who would be cheaper and accredited for vic rebate.
    Is it worth spending extra $1000 for Fronius inverter, or just go the Sungrow.

Both prices are good value for the components offered. Sungrow is the best of the Chinese brands but I would consider spending extra on the Fronius inverter. Also ask about the getting an energy meter for both options. This will give you full monitoring of the entire home and solar.

Have you checked out the company background and confident they are reputable?


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Retailers is Space Solar, thoughts? Sorry thought i had mentioned it.

Haven’t heard of them @Alon_Symons, probably best to check out all the reviews on them. Also worth (always) getting another company or two to quote so you can compare. Bear in mind most retailers will have a few bad reviews.