Fronius v Sungrow inverter

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I keep reading here that Fronius is the better inverter however from speaking to sales people i am receiving conflicting views. My most recent conflicting advice is that Fronius is not battery ready and Sungrow is? The quotes now are that Sungrow is more expensive as well. Is Fronius still the better inverter and battery ready?

That is conflicting advice. Both Fronius and Sungrow supply ‘solar only’ inverters and battery ready, aka hybrid inverters, but the cost is higher for the battery ready inverter.

If you are looking to add a battery in the near future then it’s worth paying more for a hybrid inverter. If not, then just get a normal solar inverter, you can still add batteries in the future. Fronius is known as the best solar inverter, but Sungrow do have one of the best hybrid (battery ready) inverters.

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My view is I will spent more on the panels as well as the mounting sys. Because harder and more costly to replaced them. if a customers like Fronius and can afford it then why not.
I myself prefer Hua Wei 5kw TL better value for money. Both have great customer support and good features