Approval time on solar

Hi all.Just wondering if anyone can guide me.Signed for solar back 30/6/19.told by solar company should take 10 to 14 days.Called at the 10 day mark.Told no still in process.Thought OK,no probs.Called last Friday at the 15 day mark and was told still no process.I’m with AGL/Ausgrid.Was told they tend to take longer for approval.Just wondering if this is the norm or taking loner than normal or to still expect another week or 2.Any info would be great,Cheers,Marcus…

Hi Marcus, are you questioning the time to have the solar installed or to have metering changed. For installations it would be dependent on the install company, the system size/complexity and how busy they are. In NSW ( maybe different for other states), once I make an application to the DNSP (essential energy, ausgrid or endevour), they can take up to 7 business days to give approval and any restrictions that may apply for a basic domestic system. After that, adjustments are made if required, gear ordered and system booked for install. Generally all with about 4 weeks.
If however you are enquiring about getting your meter changed then your are notifying your retailer (AGL, origin energy, dodo etc who you actually pay your bill to), they then do there checks and get a metering provider to change your meter. This is supposed to happen within 15 business days, but it is rarely the case in rural areas and you need to stay on top of them. The slightest error with paperwork resets the day count for processing.
Hope this helps