Off-grid battery system Western Australia (WA)

My brother is running a generator for power on his small farm as to get connected to the grid will cost around $80k due to distance to closest power lines.
He asked me to source the best 8kw off-grid 48v system. I know nothing much about these systems so I am hoping people here with experience in the industry or have a similar system can give me guidance, both in design and price range.
In summer the outside temperature can reach the high 40 degree mark and around -2 in winter.
Please feel free to offer advice and both good and bad experiences. He wants a quality system that won’t let him down, but like myself doesn’t really know who to trust. Does WA have trusted companies that can build an off-grid system and install it, or is it better to look wider and use a recommended installer?

Hi @Darren66

You’ll most definitely be able to find a good off-grid installer in WA (I certainly hope), but it’s a bit state, where abouts is your brother located?

We have a Perth solar page here with a bit of info. @Den_Thomson is in Bunbury I believe, and might be able to help or point you in the right direction.

With off-grid solar in particular, you do not just want to source the products, you want to get someone that really knows what they are doing to design the system first. There is a lot that goes into working out the best combo of panels, batteries and generator to make sure your have a well sized and reliable system.

If you can’t find someone who can do all that close by, you could potentially get someone else (anywhere really) to design the system, and have a more local electrician/installer install it.


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Hi Darren & Marty,
There’s plenty of options for off grid solar available. I’m not sure where your located and as Marty said it’s a big state. If your out of scope for us I can certainly put you on to someone more local that has the expertise. I have contacts that can design a great system, and I now sell stand alone units that are setup read to go. Just build the concrete footings and lift it in. These range from small units up to
150 kWh they are mine site spec, and can certainly handle the hot and cold.
Feel free to email me.

If you leave a contact number I’ll call you and workout exactly what you require. It’ll certainly be a lot cheaper than 80k but it’s still expensive, the big trick here is to use good gear and build the setup right the first time.

Kind regards
Den Thomson
Down South Solar Power