Solar quote with Qcells battery *Eltham, VIC*

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We have 14 x Trina 305W Honey M Plus panels and 14 x Enphase IQ7 inverters for 2.5 years.
We have received a quote of $8,800 (incl. GST) from Linked Solar for:

  • Q cells - Core 6.86kW Solar Battery Storage
  • Install of backup power - Dedicated circuit
  • Full Installation
  • Set Up of Online Monitoring Portal
  • Electrical Certificate Of Safety

Any relevant feedback is welcome, thanks!

Ok, so you’ve been quoted $8800 to add 6.86kWh battery right?

That’s about right, our calculator suggests roughly $7k if installed with solar, but given this is retrofitting I’m not surprised there would be extra costs.

What’s your reason for wanting the battery backup? Is it worth it?

Thanks for coming back to me.
The blackouts seem to have increased in frequency in the last couple of years hence the back-up. From my research, I was prepared to allow an extra 1.5k for the back-up facility hence I am comfortable on that front.

Do you know much about this particular battery?
The provider was hailing it as the latest on the market (from Hanwha), etc.
It does come with 15 years warranty.

@GeOvi Are you sure about the 15-year warranty on the Qcells battery? The Q cells warranty document states a 10 year warranty, not 15?

Also, with the Qcells system backup time takes up to 30 seconds, so it does not function as an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) like some other competitors in this space.

The doc that I have says clearly 15 years (as per below) and reconfirmed by the installer via email.
Yes, I am aware of the 30sec gap, it is something I can live with.

@GeOvi that’s very interesting. I haven’t seen this model before. It appears to be a new or updated version of the Blue Q.Home system? :thinking: (ref image below)

Which solar company is offering this?