Solar quote Ennis Co Clare Ireland

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10 solar panels - TRINA SOLAR plus inverter plus diverter: €8000 quoted

Hi @Martin_Knox

Is that about a 3kW system? What type of inverter is it?

It’s quite a bit of a 3kW system, do you get any rebates there? What about your feed-in-tariff? It’s important to look at these things to find out the potential return on investment, if that’s an important factor.

A 3kW system would I’m guessing would produce around 10kWh a day where you are. So, if that’s offsetting your cost of say €0.25 per kWh, that’s €2.50 x 365 = €912 a year. These are total guesses btw, but that’s probably best case scenario, unless you’re getting extra rebates or incentives on top of that.


Hello Marty,

3kW and inverter for hot water. The house is A3 with flat roof.

I have an electric car.

No grant. Don’t know what rebates means.
Well I expect an 8 year ROÍ maybe.

My bills are are around 80€ a month.

I have a 5kW air to water pump.

Hope that helps

Martin Knox
10 Cottage Gardens

Hi Martin

Solar makes a lot of sense if you’ve got an electric car. I’m surprised your bill is only 80€ a month with an EV. The ROI might be a bit longer than that if your bills are that small.

Have you got many solar providers there? We’d always recommend shopping around.


My house is A3 already Marty. Mabe in the US you guys don’t have building energy ratings in W/m2K. But A3 is very good but not NZEB

So there is little enough payback for me but some.

I expect to pay about 2k dollars/Euros per kW installed.