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I live in SA with 3P power to my home and have been quoted 31 LG panels (Neon 2) plus a 3P Fronius Inverter for $12K (10.85KW system). I also need to have my switchboard upgraded which will cost me an additional $990.00 (installation of a meter isolator etc). Other quotes for this North of $1300.00

A lesser option is 7.7KW system using 22 LG panels instead of 31, same 3P Fronius inverter for $8900 plus board upgrade.

I’m quite taken with it as all the research I’ve done has me leaning towards LG panels. I’ve had another 7 quotes btw with no-one even willing to entertain the thought of quoting me LG panels.

Can you please provide any advice as to whether these prices are fair? Thank you so much in advance!


Hi John,

This seems like a reasonable price for top of the range panels and inverter. Is this price including STC rebates any state rebates?
10.85kW is a very large system, do you have high consumption or are you planning for the future, EV charging etc?

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Hello, thank you for your response. Yes they are both quoted with all rebates taken into account and STCs.

As for the 10.85KW size? I’ve been getting quoted for around 10KW as i have 3P power to my home.

I have been advised that maybe around an 8KW system should be fine for my home but in the same breath, i get told “if you have the space to go bugger, go for it”. I do plan to have the system ready made should i go to a battery in future.

I’m averaging about 20kwh per day and my bills are around $900 / quarter.

I’m more than open to hearing further thoughts on a good size unit though. The one thing deterring me from going so big is that the higher 18-23c/kwh feed-in-tariffs only cover units under 10kw.

Happy to hear your thoughts either way though.

Thank you so much in advance.

Hi @JNotarianni

A 10kW system will produce 40-50kWh a day in Adelaide, so you won’t be needing more. With a high feed-in tariff above 18c, that will turn your $900 bill around very sharply I suspect. Sounds like you’re on a winner, with some great products too.