Solar quote *Connecticut USA*

I got a quote from Trinity. 33 panels; $41k. I live in zip code: 06470. We used about 20,000kw last year and electricity costs in CT are high.
Due to our west facing location, these solar panels will provide us with 60% of our total annual power consumption. We would also have to take down several trees. I am very disappointed to hear it will only by 60%. Wondering if this is worth it? I will be contacting other solar companies for other quotes.

Any Connecticut recommendations for installers? I am very new to solar research…seems like the panel and inverter brand make a big difference?

@msusparty what size solar system were you quoted exactly in KW? What brand panels were you quoted? It’s always good to get at least 2 quotes to compare.

Since CT is much further north than most states, unfortunately west-facing panels will not perform anywhere near as well as south-facing panels. Is there any way you can get panels installed facing south on a shed or garage, or even a ground-mounted system?