Help with quote please need feedback

Got some solar quotes you want reviewed? Feel free to ask our solar community for feedback. Please add your location in the title too.

Location NJ

System size: 8.27 kwp
Panels: SPR-M435-H-AC
Panel quantity: 19
Estimated annual production: 11,283 khw
Cost: 44,0000
Federal credit: $11,440
NJ state TREC: $ 14,969 - paid out monthly for 15 years
Price after: $ 17,591
Price not including state incentive: $ 32,560

Is this a good quote? Seems high to me

Hi Matt

Yeah, according to our calculator that’s very high. I would get some more quotes. It’s great that NJ has further incentives, but my experience in Australia is that when there are generous incentives, solar companies stick prices up as well.