Solar quote comparison Westport CT

Which quote would you go with factoring in price, size, and quality of panels? Any other comments much appreciated!! Thank you!

REC Solar REC375AA (Alpha series) 30 panels
Enphase Inverter IQ7 + (x30)
Rack Detail SnapNRack Ultra Rail
Enphase Envoy Monitor

Total Solar Array Wattage 11,250
Design Factor 70%
Expected Annual Energy Production of System kWh per year 11,038
$22,925 after all incentive


26 LG 375-watt panels
Solaredge wave w DC.optimizers Inverter
XRS Dark Mounting system
Solaredge Data Monitoring
9.75 kW total system size
10,237 kwH/year estimated production ($2.20/watt after incentives)

$21,403 after all incentives

Anyone? Help is much appreciated!