Victoria Texas Solar Power

I have had an evaluation by solar pro foe solar panels for my home in Victoria Tx. My home is a two about 3700 sq ft and uses about 3000kw hr /month. Solar pro came in and calculated That I could install 85 panels of Lg 345 in my house to get me the electricity I need to get me off the grid. Price was 90k minus a “pool discount” leaving a total 87k. Of course I get 26% tax deduction which is about 22k dropping it down to around 65-67k. I can use the deduction also which is very important. I just want to know a general idea of what other companies are doing for pricing.
The agent came to my house fo a in home visit which I had not been offered by other companies.
Sale pitch: guaranteed 30000 kw/hr for every calendar year for 25 years.
Unsecured loan with Interest rate 1.99%, standard 25 year full warranty on equipment and labor.
A rated company. Cons: unable to give me an installation schedule. I do not see the power production guarantee on the contract. Actual model number of lg 345 panels and microinverter being installed. Please help me. If you need further information please let me know.
Thank you.
Regards, Dante Garza

Victoria Texas! My great grandma was from there. Lovely place.

That’s an awful lot of solar Dante, 30kW. You mention off grid, are you considering batteries? There’s no way you can go off grid with that sort of usage, it would cost you $1 million, so I’m assuming that’s not on the cards.

What’s the main reason that you want to go solar? Is it for financial reasons, or environmental, or energy independence? That will help determine best path forward.


Both. Want to make sure the bill is low in future. And want to be greener. Batteries ad an extra 20k😫

I was just wondering if the price is right.

It’s $3 per watt, which is pretty standard for the US.

The reason I ask is because the easiest way to address both these things is by reducing your energy consumption. 100kWh a day is an awful lot of power. you could probably cut that by half, and save $45k on your solar system. Is it just a home, or are you running a business there as well?

This is a good place to start. A great article written by @mexicansolarguy: