Solar Power Brisbane

Hi all
Have just got a quote for solar and as I am clueless am really scared we are being conned. To be honest the ‘generated savings’ sound a little too good to be true. We use air con constantly so two of our electricity quarters see us with a bill of about $1100. I have copied the details of the quote below in the hope that someone that understands this stuff can advise if the quote is too high and if the supposed savings are likely or not?

9.0kW system is what they have told us we need - we live in Brisbane and have full sun all day on the roof where they will place the panels:

Panels: 30 x Canadian Solar - KuPower-300W - Split Cell
Inverter: Sungrow 8.0kW (Wifi)
Production: 37.8kWh/day
Generated savings: $771/Qtr (based on 4.2 peak sunlight hours per day which is what we get in winter)
Total Price: $16,110
Gov rebate: $5,066
Promotional discount: $1,000 (Available until end of October)
Bonus discount: $500 (Available until end of October)
Your cost: $9,544
Break-even point: 3.1 years
ROI: 32%

Hi Hutch

Thanks for seeking help in this forum. You have come to the right place and will get good feedback from a number of experienced professionals.

I can confirm the quote is way too high. You should seek quotes from others.

Can you share your daily consumption in kWh?


Hi Ivan

Thanks for responding. Yes we will be seeking other quotes, am now researching other companies for comparison quotes. Daily usage is 35 kWh


Hi @hutcho8

You should definitely always get a few quotes. You should be able to get premium products for that price at least. Have you read our Solar Guide yet?

You can get details about generation and also cost of comparable systems on our Solar Power Brisbane page.

Good news though, you probably can knock off a lot of your power bill, especially because it sounds like you use more power in summer and less in winter which will match your solar production. If you try to use most of your power when the sun is shining, you will cut down your bill massively.

Hope that helps, and good luck. Sounds like solar would really benefit you.