Solar Power Lismore NSW

Hi - We’ve been quoted a total of $13,117.34 (after rebate) for the following:

32 Qcell 330W panels
8KW Goodwe Inverter

We’ve been told this system will generate enough electricity to cover our daytime usage (currently estimated at ~12.6kw/day) with the remaining 35.4kw/day exported back to grid.

Does this sound like a reasonable option and price?

Hi @Janine

What suburb/state are you in?

It does not seem like a particularly good price, no.

You may generate that much electricity, depending on where you are in Australia. Whether it makes sense to get a much bigger system than you require would depend on what feed in tariffs you can get (again dependent on your location).

How did you come across this particular solar company?


Hi Marty

Sorry I forgot to mention in my original post - we live in Goonellabah, NSW (postcode 2480). The solar company (Econnect) advised that we would be able to access a .21c feed in tariff from AGL and all their costings were based on switching to an AGL solar plan once installation was complete.

Sad to say we were ‘caught’ by one of those door knockers that we’ve previously sent packing and we’re now realising after considerable research of information on various internet sites that we should probably get a few more quotes before making a decision as the price does seem to be quite high.

Kind regards

Cool, I’ll change the title to Lismore as that’s probably most relevant for other people looking for similar info.

Ah yes, the door knockers will certainly try and get some more dollars out of you.

Check out our Solar Installers Northern Rivers page. I’ve put some installers on there which seem to get good reviews and ratings on the web. If you reach out to companies that you find because they have good reviews, then you’re probably going to be in a stronger position than getting quotes from people coming to you.

Certainly also read the Guide to Buying Solar if you haven’t already. It’s pretty short, you can just skim over the parts that aren’t relevant. It’s a good place to start.

Come back and share once you have some more quotes.