Solar quote review needed - Brisbane

Hi Guys,

I got these three quotes. Any input is appreciated.

Shading is a major issue as there is a massive gum tree on the west side of the house on the council land. After 2.30pm most of the east and west roof will be covered in shade and the North roof is not large enough - 8 or 9 panels can be layered on the North roof depends on the size of the panel.

6.6 kW - QCell G5+ Q.Peak Duo - 330
Opt1: Enphase IQ7+ - $9500

  • Recommend to install 8 - North, 9 - West, and 3 on the east
  • Recommended to use Fronius and Tigo for better price but I have chosen not to request a quote on that

6.65 kW - LONGi Hi-MO4m - LR4-60HPH-370M
Enphase IQ7 (349W) - $8000

  • Recommend to install 8 - North, Rest on the East

6.66 kW - QCell G6+ Q.Peak Duo - 350
Opt1: Solaredge (5kW) - $8,500
Opt2: Enphase IQ7+ - $9,500

  • Recommend to install 8 - North, Rest on the West

Is LONGi even worth considering? I think SolarEdge will not cut it for me as the amount of shading makes it harder for it to produce the same amount as Enphase.

Daily usage:
Summer usage - ~15.5kWh
Winter usage - ~24kWh

Appreciate your feed back.


Hi @mt_raj

It’s perhaps a bit left field, but the first thought that comes to mind is whether it is worth installing on the east/west roof at all? You’re using more power in the winter, when shading will be worse.

You could get 3.5-4kW just on the north roof (you could get a really efficient panel if installing a smaller system). That will produce close to 20kWh a day on average.

If you get the price down around $5k, and are using more of your own solar instead of exporting it, that could make more sense financially, no?


That is a very good point @Marty, I haven’t thought of that.

Let me see whether that option works for me.