Solar quote review *Hawthorn, South Australia*

I’d love an opinion on my 2 solar quotes - they are definitely way more than i expected which has scared me off a little no am unsure whether to bother getting a 3rd (or who i should try and get it with that might be more competitive).

We do have 5 separate sections of roof we are putting panels on. 3 are double story, 2 are 45 degree pitch so maybe that’s what’s pushed the prices up?

QUOTE 1 - Adelaide Solarsafe
Price - $30,980 (after rebate if installed this year)
Panels - 12.76kW - 29xJinko 440w
Inverter - Solaredge
Battery - Solaredge 9.7kW
EV Charger - Solaredge 7.4kw

Price - $29,619 (after rebate & installed early next year)
Panels - 12.035kW - 29xSoalredge 415w
Inverter - Solaredge
Battery - Solaredge 9.7kW
EV Charger - Solaredge 7.4kw

Both quotes include solar edge backup interface, smart energy meter & monitoring app

The prices are high, but working a 45-degree pitch roof with solar is an absolute nightmare (I’ve done it, and it took over double the time of a normal pitch roof).

Also, your quote includes a battery (about $10K worth) and an EV charger, so once you add these extra costs in, then the price of the solar alone is quite reasonable.

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Thanks for this response!

I should note that only 4 of the 29 panels are on the 45 degree pitched roof so that alone shouldn’t add to the price too much.

I was prepared to pay around $20k so I’m left to either:

  1. Go with one of these quotes minus the battery (& add that later)

  2. Try to get another quote or 2 & hope that’s cheaper

  3. See if either of these guys can improve the price (not sure if it’s the brands they’re using that are pushing the price up? Although they both seemed to think Solar edge was required due to the 5 separate roof sections being used)

4 Give up and move on - least preferred option but seems increasingly likely

Do you have a roof layout diagram from the quotes? It sounds like a very complex and challenging installation, hence the price and the SolarEdge option.

I would get solar and leave the battery out for now. The payback for solar can be as little as four years. Or faster if you can adjust some appliances to operate during the day. For example, run your air-con using a timer or App (for free) during the afternoon and arrive home to a cool house. And of course, charge the EV during the day and on weekends.

A battery can be added at a later stage if needed.

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Here are the roof layouts for the 2 quotes. The 45 degree pitched roofs are the east and west facing sections at the front of the property (property faces north)

Thank you, that sounds like the best option (getting solar panels without battery for now).

The 2nd quote comes down significantly to $15854 without the battery and EV charger.

Would appreciate any further thoughts on whether these quotes seem reasonable after seeing the roof layouts.

It sounds like neither are a bargain so It would be worth getting a 3rd quote before locking anything in.

Yes, that’s worse than I first thought. That is a very difficult installation on multiple steep roof pitches, which must also be interconnected. Considering the size and complexity, I’d say your quote is quite reasonable.

Another option you could consider is microinverters. Although, not many installers are familiar with micros in Australia, and the cost would be similar.

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Thanks for all your help. I’ve just got the 3rd quote and it turns out to be $4-5k cheaper than the others.

It’s using cheaper parts but I think they’re still reputable brands so now I just need to decide whether 12.76kw is big enough (I think it should be) or if I want to go a little bigger just in case. We do have 3 kids + a pool and spa so the bigger option is tempting.

Before I lock it in… is there anything obvious I’m missing or should be concerned about here?

I’m told the Sungrow batteries are also a stackable design, so I can add additional 3.2kWh modules if needed for around $2000

Looks good. The Sungrow system is a great option, but whether it will be large enough for your needs will probably depend on how often you want to charge your EV using solar. It sounds like your household loads will be quite high already.

This EV charging simulator might help work out your daily requirements. Solar and EV Charger Calculator — Clean Energy Reviews

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Brilliant, thanks so much for your help!