Solar Power Caroline Springs VIC | Melbourne Western Suburbs

Hello team,

Please help. I feel a bit overwhelmed with solar information at the moment. I have a few quotes and I’m only posting the one that I am likely to commit to.

  • House consists of a family of 4 with two young children. We are not home during the weekdays and consume most of the electricity during the afternoon/evenings and weekends. I work from home on Wednesdays so there will be some consumption all-day. We have 1 split system aircon unit and also considering installing 2 more split system aircon unit in the children’s bedrooms. We plan to use more of the heating feature once solar is installed to reduce gas consumption.

*I’ve read that the Fronius inverter can get up to 65db. The likely installation location is on the west side of the house which is near my bedroom. My garage is north facing and the garage door panels attract and retain a significant amount of heat, therefore not sure if the garage is a good location for the inverter. I’m a light sleeper and concern about the fan noise. I understand the inverter only runs during the day when the panels are harvesting the sun rays but would like to address this concern.

  • Melbourne Western Suburbs - Caroline Springs
  • Longi Hi-MO X/Fronius Primo.
  • 19 pcs of LR6-60OPH 350M (6.65kw DC) with Fronius Primo 5.0-1 INT @ $ 6225 (after STCs)

*Can you please share your experience with the Fronius inverter noise?

*Panel setup - 9 x panels on the east and 10 panels on the west. From the info provided, would it be beneficial for the design to have more panels on the west side of the roof?

*Is the quoted price reasonable?

  • any pictures of the roof, designs etcRoof layout.PNG

HI @iBlackDan6

I would recommend you locate the inverter in the garage. The Fronius inverters perform well even in higher ambient temperatures and the garage is protected from the weather.

Also as you suggested it would be better to have the majority of the panels and the west facing roof. The best ratio would be 7 east and 12 west (maximum string size is 12 panels due to the voltage limit)

Hi @Svarky,

Thank you for your feedback. I shall take your recommendation onboard. Much appreciated.