Best 6.6kWh Solar System Melbourne VIC

Good Morning,
We are currently using 19kwh per day according to our latest bill. This will go up over winter with the use of the dryer and heater to warm house until fire kicks in. I am looking at a 6kwh Fronius Inverter with 24 panels. I am after some feedback. What panels am I best off looking at? and reviews done on the inverter and panels would be great. I am waiting to see what the July 1 rebates will look like as well

Hi Teagan

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Fronius is good :+1: and 6kW will be about right for your usage.

You can check out our thoughts on best panel brands here:

Inverter review here too, Fronius right at the top:

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Now to throw a complete spanner in the works, I cant get anyone to quote a string system I am told this is being replaced with Microinverters and this is the β€˜new’ technology and the way to go.
Can someone please clarify this for me? Are sales reps trying to pull the wool over my eyes or is this infact true. The idea is to pay the solar system off quickly and then purchase batteries so we are off the grid as much as possible.

Hi Teagan

This is not true, no. Definitely vast majority of residential systems use string inverters in Australia.