Solar Power Camden NSW

Hopefully you can seperate these 2 quotes for me. Which do you think is the better and why.

Quote #1
$9550 - Case Statewide Solar
32 x 330w QCell Q Peak Duo G5+ Panels
10 kw Fronius Symo Inverter
Clenergy racking

Quote #2
$9800 - Inspire Energy
32 x 330w REC N Peak Panels
10 kw SMA Tripower Inverter
Antai Racking

Hi Allen

It’s a tough one to split, but they are both good quotes, so cant go too wrong.

I’d say the Symo and Tripower are pretty much on par.

Regarding the panels, I am quite partial to both of these options for high quality at reasonable price. I’m a fan of the QCell Q Peak Duo G5+, but I believe the REC N Peak are a better performing panel.

Of course which company you buy from is just as important as the products, but they both look to get reasonable reviews. Might come down to how they come across in your dealings with them.


If the budget and mounting space will allow, consider adding another 10 panels so your inverter production is maximised more often.

You should be able to increase energy production per year by about 15-20% for a relatively small price increase.

Michael Foster.