Solar Gerringong

Here’s the quote I have for my mother’s place. This guy was recommended. Tried to get a comparative quote from Shine Hub but they don’t do this area. Not keen on Chinese panels and looking for quality - he also uses Canadian so may ask for a quote on these. Appreciate your thoughts. We want a quality eco friendly system.

Hi again Simone

It’s good you found someone that was recommended, what this company name?

It looks like quite a fair price for those products. Bear in mind that Canadian Solar panels are mainly made in China, and other non-canadian places. Trina is a good option, and comparable to Canadian. Jinko is another option. A step up would be something like Q Cells Q.PEAK, made in Korea.

SOLAR BLU and Arkana Energy Group seem to get decent reviews on the web down that way, if you’re looking for another quote.

Let me know how you go.


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Thanks Marty.

The company name is Object Electrical - it’s a one man band I think - Taylor McInernay. I’m already chasing him a bit so I might go ahead and get quotes from the other two you’ve suggested as I know what it’s like having to chase people before you accept a quote let alone after!


Marty, I’d love to talk to you about how we might work together to green the Blue Mountains and south coast by helping more households switch to solar sooner rather than later. What’s the best way to get in touch with you? I’m one of the host leaders for the Airbnb host group in the Blue Mountains and I see the Short Term Rental industry as an outstanding channel for accelerating some positive change in this area. The first thing hosts, many of whom rely on their short term rental income, complain about is guests getting their money’s worth from the power. I can be reached on

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Hi @Werona

If you’re still looking for solar at your Mum’s place, @Svarky has been helping out people affected by the bush fires on the south coast by donating his time and resources to help install small off-grid solar systems for them. He’s been doing this great work with Isaac - an installer in Bermagui:

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Bummer Marty - only just saw this! We’ve already had the solar installed.

I should add that Taylor from Object Electrical did a great job :wink:

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