Qcells or LG for low light performance

I’ve received quotes for a 6.65kw system, located in Newcastle.
There is almost 20% price difference between the LG Neon2 panels and the Qcells DuoG6+, and I’m trying to work out if it is worth the extra spend on the LG
My roof faces West-Nor-West, and I am mainly interested to know whether there is a significant difference in efficiency between the 2 panels at low light, as this would be beneficial on winter mornings. The way the 2 companies present their graphs is quite different, so I can’t compare them.
Can anyone provide any insights on their relative low light performance.

I suggest you purchases 4 panel Dual Axis-solar Tracker (DAT) fitted with 440W Longi Panels, as it will harvest 19kWh/p Energy per day, as a DAT is Superior at Generating Energy for 11 hours a Day !

Unlike Cave-Man Rooftop Racking, that no matter what direction the Panels are facing, will only Generate Energy for 4.5 hours per Day.

Thanks Raptor, but I don’ have the yard space to put in a tracker setup.

Low light performance or efficiency is really more of a marketing term. The amount of energy produced by all solar panels is directly proportional to the amount of solar irradiance or sunlight - this measured in W/m2. The LG Neon 2 panels use more efficient N-type silicon cells which will be slightly more efficient under all weather conditions.

However, the one area where the Q cells panel will out-perform the LG Neon 2 panel is if your panels suffer from partial shading - for example, if the lower part of the panel is shaded from trees in the morning or shaded by a chimney - In this situation, the Q cells panels will perform better as they are a split-cell panel using half-cut cells - the panel is divided into two sections (upper and lower) and if half the panel is shaded it won’t affect the whole panel and will maintain the string voltage resulting in better performance.

Thanks Jason, that’s useful

@DR99 just so you know, LG now also produce a split-cell panel call the Mono X plus. This is very similar to the Q cells DUO G6+ panels.

Qcells DuoG6+ provides ideal power yields, whatever the weather with excellent low-light and temperature behavior.