JA Panels vs LG Neon 2 panels

Hi Marty,

I been given a couple of quotes for a 6kw solar panel setup .

One quote with JA panels with 5kW ABB inverter. 20 panel setup giving an overall 6kw setup system.

Another using 18 LG panels and a solar edge inverter. Giving a total overal setup 6kw system.

Given the huge price difference between the two systems, is it worth going with LG panel setup.

I look forward to you option and advice.



Hi Phil,

Iā€™d definitely consider the LG Neon 2 panels as they use the high end N-type silicon with very low degradation and close to the best warranty available (25 year product warranty and 25 year performance to 88% capacity).
JA are also a reputable company with some good reliable panels. What is the price difference you were quoted?

Cheers, Jason

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