Solar system Tasmania - 18.2Kw plus Battery


Thank you for reviewing my quote , as i think the forum is great and a good source of information. We are installing a 18.2 Kw system with the following components; 52 x 350W LG Neo tier 1 panels; 2 x fronius 8.2 Kw inverters, 1 x solar analytics monitoring system; 1 x 13Kw Tesla battery and gateway. The install is over three separate roof locations but fairly close with good access. The quote at this stage is $42,036 incl GST and STC discount. The company we are seriously looking at is giving good service and seems quite reputable. I know its a big system but we are a serious energy user and every bit helps.
Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.


Is that LG Neon 2 or Neon R? They are quite different in cost:

The price sounds ball park for that system with batteries. Who is the installer?