Fronius & LG Neon 2 solar | Melbourne VIC

Any comments appreciated on this quote…too high? or OK. Quality installer. 4.5-5 star Reviews.

5.52kw - Average production of 20.3kwhs per day across the year.

  • 1 x Fronius Primo 5.0-1 5kw inverter
  • 16 x LG 345 Neon2 - LG345N1C - V5 Solar panels
  • Radiant solar rail ( premium) Fully installed with compliance paperwork

$10630.00inc GST Total System cost

-$2830.00 for 78 STCs valued at $35each excluding GST

$7900.00inc GST

Post Vic gov rebate out of pocket cost to the homeowner

$5675.00inc gst*

Nice :ok_hand: That looks good to me. Wouldn’t say it was cheap, but I think very reasonable for quality products and a well reviewed installer.

Please let us know how it goes.

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Hi Buddah
I have the same system.
Who was your installer?

Hi Buddah
I had checked the quote using all the details provided , and I arrived at the same figures + - $200
My Comment is The quotes is very transparent and professional, Beside the company that quote also mentioned the number of STC created & the value of each STC, and to add to this its mention the RADIANT railing they used, which has many good features not present in other railing like
1.this rail offer a bigger gap under the panel around > 150mm . Therefore better panels ventilation , resulting a higher energy productions
2 Should you have clogging of dry leaves or dead birds under the panels , then much easier to clean-up
3 Offer easier service & access the MC4 connectors under panels without need to remove panel
and of course the rails is more costly as its has a thicker aluminium.
and wish you Great Solar Harvesting
Regards Solar Hybrid Solutions