Solar quote | Gladstone Qld

hi have got the below quote for this system it is in the 4680 Region Gladstone can you tell me if its fair or a bit dear this is a local guy.

I’m new to the solar thing just would like some advice

6.5kWT ierO neG r i d Connect System
The system inclu des the following:
ü Site survey, shade and yield analysis
ü 20 x Rec TP2 Mono 325Watt Solar Modules – complete with 25 year performance & 25 year product
ü Mounting gear for 20 panels on a tin roof in wind zone C
ü 1 x Fronius Austrian made 5kW Grid connect inverter 10 yr warranty and monitoring
ü Breakers, Isolators and enclosures
ü Delivery and full installation by professional CEC accredited designer and installer
ü Application and commissioning with Ergon
ü Handover, training and owner’s manual
PV $10928
STCs -$3638
Price $7290
Please note: All prices are inclusive of 10% GST and are subject to change. In the unlikely event the market value of STCs were to
drop, a new quote will be issued.

Hi @ShaneG

It’s not a bad price I don’t think. 6.5kW Fronius and REC for $7290. If this person is local and you trust them to do a good job, that’s worth a bit.

Probably wouldn’t hurt to get another quote though, to compare?





0418 591 542

Thanks I do have a couple more quotes he seems to be on the better end I have a price from Solahart they have a ABB inv and a Solahart Silhouette panel but not telling me the brand top compare with for around 8K

I think those Silhouette panels are made by Hanwha QCells. Not bad, but I’d probably got for the Fronius/REC :+1: