Solar quote (Conder ACT)

Hi there,

I’m guessing that, paid upfront, it is, but please let me know if these quotes are a good deal:

System size - 6.5 kWDC (STC)

Estimated annual production - 10,082 kWh

Solar panel - 20 × 325W REC Solar TwinPeak 2 Mono Series - REC325TP2M

1675 mm × 997 mm · Monocrystalline · Datasheet

Inverter - 1 × Fronius Primo 5.0-1 · 5000 W

1 phase · 98% max efficiency · Datasheet

System efficiency - 87%

Upfront Quote - $5,500 (Fully Installed)

5yr/60 month Finance option - $6,600 (Total Payout, Fully Installed)

Thanks in advance :sunglasses:


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Hi Reiko

Yes I reckon that’s a pretty good system and price on paper, Fronius and REC :+1:

Does the install company get good reviews? We usually suggest getting multiple quotes to compare, but if you’re comfortable that it’s a good company, then you should be ok.


Hi Reiko

Good to hear from you. Make sure they have a warranty for their workmanship and ask for a promo discount if they have.