REC Alphas vs Q-Cell 380 vs LG 375

How would you rank and why?

Thank you!

One must consider more than just price!
Warranty (product & power)
REC = 20 & 25 years, Q Cell = 12 & 25 , LG = 12 & 25 years

Loss of output over time → high in year 1, and should be small after that
REC = 0.25% a year, Q Cell = 0.54% a year, LG = 0.55%

Efficiency ration at low light → Module good efficiency with low sun input
Example at 200 W/m^2: REC = 96% , Q Cell = 96%, LG = not stated

There are more, such as high-temperature performance.

I like and installed the REC modules.

The top of the range modules from all 3 manufacturers, LG Neon R, Sunpower Maxeon 3, and REC Alpha Pure all offer similar performance and warranty. The biggest difference is the Alpha series features Heterojunction cells which have a lower temperature co-efficient (work slightly bettery in hot climates) and are built on the new half-cut panel format which can also be better if partial shading is an issue.

Otherwise all 3 are very high quality and very efficient. You can see how they compare here… Most efficient solar panels 2021 — Clean Energy Reviews

If budget is more important factor for you, then Q CELLS will likely be the better option. These panels offer above-average efficiency and have great warranties for a fair price. But if you’re looking for top-of-the-line panels, or the space you have for your solar system installation is small compared to the amount of electricity you’d like to produce, then LG Solar will likely be the better option.