REC Alpha vs LG Neon R vs SunPower Maxeon 3

I notice that REC now have a 20year product warranty which puts them near to LG and Sunpower. How do they compare on quality and price, and also on presence in Australia in case of panel failure? How much does the answer depend on the individual product in the manufacturer’s range?

Hi @DTT3

Good question. For reference, here is the warranty comparison chart below:

You can seem more context around that warranty comparison chart here:

Another useful chart to compare is this one, which compares efficiencies. You can see here that REC Alpha has the same efficiency as LG Neon R. Which helps to answer:

How much does the answer depend on the individual product in the manufacturer’s range?

The answer is, a lot. When it comes to warranty, price, efficiency, and really most comparable points, there are vast differences between the models currently available to buy from a manufacturer.

In terms of pricing, it does depend on who you buy from, particularly when it comes to LG and Sunpower, those manufacturers have preferred dealers, and so it will be cheaper to buy those products from preferred dealers. It is hard to give a guide on pricing for that reason, however, you might roughly expect REC Alpha to be a few hundred dollars cheaper on a 6kW systems than LG Neon R, which itself will be a cheaper than Maxeon 3.

I know LG has a very strong presence in Australia, as @Markus_Lambert (LG Solar General Manager) has pointed out in a recent forum post:

I am not super familiar with how strong REC and SunPower presence is here. Bear in mind, Sunpower has had a significant upheaval of it’s business recently, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s likely whatever is happening with their business in Australia now, might change in the near future. It would be good to get other peoples’ input on REC and Sunpower operations in Australia, especially warranty handling etc.

Hope that helps.


Interestingly the REC ALPHA is much cheaper @ 0.77 c/watt compare to LG $0.88
so ROI will be in the REC favour & the quality is excellence.

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