Need help building

Hi everyone i have a project and need your help putting components together .
My project has ambient light no direct Sun light its in a parking Garage .
I need solar panels or tape or something called mono cell…hence lack knowledge .I need photo cell .I need batteries to recharge .Ive found that all the yard walkway solar units just have Rechargeable batteries no lithium batteries and seems work great for them .Less components better for my project . The surface im putting sokar on is 4 inches wide 6 feet long . I have an area at each end which is approx 4 inches x3 inches and 1 inch deep on both sides lets call those end caps . I then need to power L.E.D lights along a 6 foot x 4 inch wide panel .
Can anyone help me source these componets in U.S ? Help
Thanks Tom Mooney
Naples FL