Advice on adding to on grid solar system and convert to hybrid

Hi there,
I have a 6KW on grid solar system on the roof of my shed feeding to my house and grid. Id like to add an additional 6KW of panels ( or more space permitting ) onto the roof of my house but change the whole system to a hybrid in some way.

The reason is predominantly because I am unhappy with the amount of energy generation during the winter from my current system thus still receiving decent bills. Basically I’d like to add on to my exisiting system with enough generation and storage to not receive any bills anymore and still feed excess back into the grid. Id also like to be independent when the grid is down and at night.

Is this possible and what is required ?

Cheers Kelly

Hi Kelly

What city are you in? Can you please give us an idea of your daily electricity usage in winter and summer (in kWh, you should find it on your electricity bill). Also, is everything electric, or do you have gas hot water, or heating? That will help to give some feedback.


Batteries are still far to expensive to give a payback

Hi Frank

Yes batteries are expensive but I think Kelly has other issues which she wants to resolve which may not only be finance related.

Marty has asked some question once she replies we can give our opinion I guess.