Need Help! Not sure what to do!

Hello! Where to start! We have a 20 acre property in Jamestown, RI and are building a new house on it. I thought of solar late in the game and the roof lines of the house are not conducive to solar for both practical and aesthetic reasons. I have a barn 700’ away with a semi-mansard roof that seems reasonable to place panels. I would also like battery back up for 24 hours to avoid installing a generator.

We have 3 quotes ranging from 70k - 300k, but all incorporate the roof of the new house. I like being married and my wife does not want to do this. I am looking for, preferably, a local solar engineer who can visit the property, evaluate the quotes, and tell me the best path ahead. Are the tress in the way? How much sun will we get on the barn face in the winter? Is ground mounted solar feasible in this application?

The solar companies we have quotes from all have good reviews, but my preference is an independent party looking at the entire property.

Thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

PS: One of the solar companies sent me here!

It sounds like a ground-mounted solar array would be the best option. Provided you have adequate room near the house with no shading issues. Ground-mount solar is very common in off-grid situations.

The price range you have been quoted is massive and doesn’t sound right. Can you post some of the quotes so we can evaluate what equipment is provided and the proposed designs?