Help With System Sizing and Components


Having given up on dealing with packaged system providers, I am resorting to piecing the system together myself. I am not an electrical minded person, so this stuff is like Chinese Algebra to me. This system will serve as backup power for essential household items during an extended power outage.

My actual power need is 5280 WH a day, with most of the power consumption occurring at night, so I have error ed on the high side at 8000 WH/Day. Peak wattage would be around 1500 watts. I will need to run a generator every 2-3 days to power the well pump, and also water heater, etc., so I have also selected a charge controller with the relay for utility/generator power to charge the batteries when needed.
The 8-6 volt batteries will be connected in both parallel and series to achieve a voltage of 24 volts. I am assuming that the solar panels will need to be connected similar to the batteries. i.e. 24 volts?

I am planning to use 8-200 Watt, 12 volt solar panels. The panels will have clear, unobstructed sunlight all day, with the exception of clouds/winter months. (Idaho)

This is the charge controler I have selected:

This is the inverter I have selected:

The 8 batteries I plan to use use are 6 volt, 230AH @ 20HR Deka golf cart batteries:

I am hoping that someone knowledgeable in these systems can review my plan and components for suitability, (and hopefully keep me from making an expensive mistake, LOL.)
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Thanks in advance!