Advice on tile installation

Hi all, I’m having my roof retiled, I have a dormer on the rear of my home a pitched roof at the front. The flat roof on the dormer will be laid with Fibreglass and the remaining with tiles.
I intend to install Solar Panels summer next year, still looking for a recommended company but, in the meantime could someone suggest what the roofers can do to make SP instalation easier. What can they do so that cables are not a sore sight, could they place something to hide cables etc.
Be grateful for your help and opinions. Thank you.

Hi Imtiaz, thanks for the question. Just so we could visualise a bit easier, are you able to post a photo of the roof and building (and direction of sun would help)? What area are you in?

I suspect there probably isn’t much the tilers could do, but there are probably some considerations for the solar installers. If the panels are flat on the roof then there is no issue with cables, but if they need to have a framing system to angle them in the right direction, then that’s when depending on your building you may see the backside of the panels which can get a bit ugly.