Solar for new construction - Solar Roof Tiles

Are there any solar options that can be less expensive if you plan solar into the construction of a new home? If solar is not an add on to an existing home are there ways to construct/design the home to optimize it for solar usage?

Hi @bws605

Yes, solar roof tiles are finally becoming a reality, after years of promise. You can build solar into your roof these days. Check out:


Solar shingles are worth it, for homeowners who require new roof and also wish to retain aesthetics and roof functionality.

How can we add solar tiles to an existing build house which don’t have enough space on the roof for the solar tiles to be fitted it?

Your roofs type and material can impact the solar technology you use. For example, solar panels are best suited to strong roofing materials like cement, asphalt and with an even surface so that the panels can efficiently generate solar energy otherwise you may need to consider roof shingles or solar roof tiles.
Based on the age and condition of your roof, if you desire a roof replacement in a short time period, it might be more financially viable and consider it to take this up during your solar roof installation, since high-quality solar roof tiles can have a lifespan of up to 40 years. Hence if you hold off on re-roofing after solar roof installation, there is a possibility for the panels to be damaged when the actual re-roofing happens in the future.

Oh thank you for your brief answer