Tesla solar panels and inverters


Hello.I am living in pakistan.plz tell me about The Tesla solar panels and inverter.thanks


Hi @Asif118

Regarding solar panels, Tesla does (or will) do solar roof tiles, but not traditional solar panels. We are yet to see any Tesla solar tiles in Australia, in fact I think they are still yet to be rolled out in the US (more than two years after unveiling). From what I have read, they sound pretty costly (but they do look very nice). You’d probably have to really dislike the look of traditional solar panels, and have a fair bit of spare $$ to consider them I would have thought. The obvious advantage with the roof tiles is that if you need a new roof as well as solar, you can get it all in one.

Tesla doesn’t do solar inverters.

What they do do though is the Powerwall 2, which is a home battery storage system. It is the real deal, it’s works well, it’s beautiful, it’s reasonably priced, and it’s really pushed the home energy storage market forward in a big way. It includes a battery inverter (not to be confused with a solar inverter). You still need to buy a completely separate solar system if you install a Powerwall. Read more about it here:

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