Tesla solar panels and inverters

Hello.I am living in pakistan.plz tell me about The Tesla solar panels and inverter.thanks

Hi @Asif118

Regarding solar panels, Tesla does (or will) do solar roof tiles, but not traditional solar panels. We are yet to see any Tesla solar tiles in Australia, in fact I think they are still yet to be rolled out in the US (more than two years after unveiling). From what I have read, they sound pretty costly (but they do look very nice). You’d probably have to really dislike the look of traditional solar panels, and have a fair bit of spare $$ to consider them I would have thought. The obvious advantage with the roof tiles is that if you need a new roof as well as solar, you can get it all in one.

Tesla doesn’t do solar inverters.

What they do do though is the Powerwall 2, which is a home battery storage system. It is the real deal, it’s works well, it’s beautiful, it’s reasonably priced, and it’s really pushed the home energy storage market forward in a big way. It includes a battery inverter (not to be confused with a solar inverter). You still need to buy a completely separate solar system if you install a Powerwall. Read more about it here:

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Hey Marty,

Tesla is primarily doing solar panels at this point. Solar tiles from what I understand were still primarily being installed on employee’s homes at this point and last I knew not outside California. The good thing w/ Tesla is that you can go through the whole modeling process entirely online w/ them, get pricing and then have someone contact you in order to ask questions or get further details.

They are using Panasonic solar panels currently but I don’t have all the details yet. The pricing in the US for the Tesla/Panasonic solar panels is actually very reasonable for a high efficiency well known brand. It was actually only .06 US cents/watt more than the co-op price I was quoted. I met someone who went with them and encouraged me to get a quote because she said it was more reasonable than most of her other quotes, including her local co-op group. My local co-op (different county) was also quite high because we have a tile roof, most people that joined the group didn’t have the extra .25/watt because they had shingles.

The Powerwall 2 pricing was also extremely reasonable and considerably lower than what I was quoted for the LG Chem battery with the co-op installer again.

When I factored the battery into the pricing using my co-op installer was of no benefit to me and was considerably more expensive than considering Tesla so I registered to hear back from someone.

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Hi Alysa, thanks for another insightful post.

I’m very surprised at why there would be a .25c / W charge for tile roofs. In Australia the additional cost of tile brackets is negligible, to a point that it’s not usually passed on to the customer. I wonder if the material used for tile roofs is different there. In fact it’s shingle roofs here that often cause installers much angst. They can often be very difficult to work with depending on the type of shingle.

To be clear I think this post was referring to Tesla’s own brand panels and tiles, not what they supply from the solar retailer arm. However, it is good to know what they are supplying also and pricing.