Solar panel tilt angle - Best Roof Pitch

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was hoping you could please advise me here.

I have having panels installed on the North and West facing roof areas.

North = 18 degree roof pitch
West = 30 degree roof pitch.

Will this pose a problem? such as not getting the best output due to the 18 degree roof pitch?

28 panels in total. 8 panels on the roof with 18 degree pitch.

No, the 18 deg North facing roof is not a big problem (unless you live in Tassie or somewhere very far south and use a lot of energy in winter?)

In summer the lower pitch will actually slightly boost total power but in winter when the sun is lower on the horizon it will reduce slightly compared to 30 deg pitch but only by 15% or so.

There is more information and diagrams in the discussion…How to find the best solar panel tilt angle?

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Depends what latitude you reside in the world. You can look up your ideal azimuth angle on-line for different times of the year. But in reality you will stick with your roof pitch angles. If there is concern, you could add an extra panel or two to compensate.

I hope you are placing the 18deg North facing on different MPPT ( or Group )
Are all 28 panels on the same inverters?
Are there more then 1 inverters at this site?
and what is the wattage of each panels?
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